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Stump Grinding Services

This is a picture of a stump grinding.

Stump Grinding

There are a variety of reasons that a tree or tree stump may need to be removed. As a result of dead, dying, or rotting branches, the tree may need to be removed for health and safety reasons. If you’re left with a stump that has the same fate, it could be good idea to have it removed to allow for surrounding grass and plants to grow in its place. Tree stumps can also appear unsightly, leaving you to want its immediately. Fortunately, we’re able to help!

Stump Grinding Procedure

The procedure of stump grinding or removing a tree stump includes heavy duty tools that should only be operated by professionals. We’re highly trained in the art of removing and grinding tree stumps and are able to provide this service for you. In doing so, we use an industrial grinder that rotates to help the stump evenly shave down while also smoothing the surface. During this procedure, the stump eventually becomes a dusty mulch-like substance that can easily be reused for other gardening purposes.

Clean The Area After Grinding Your Stump

Once we’ve appropriately grinded the tree stump to your desired height, we will begin cleaning up the area around it to leave it clean and ready for regrowth. Cleaning the area near the stump is important to help stimulate regrowth for plants and grass, while also giving the surrounding soil moisture it may not have had before. After cleaning, the area may need to be replanted and given new soil, as it may have once been shaded by the tree prior. If the ground did not have much sunlight exposure, it will be important to re-soil the ground, replant new growth, and maintain its moisture until new growth occurs.

Stump Grinding Disposal of Waste

When we’ve completed the stump grinding job, we will quickly clean the surrounding areas of your yard and remove any extra debris that accumulated as a result of the grinding process. If you don’t plan on using the stump grindings for personal use, we will adequately dispose of it for you. We ensure that all of the grindings have been collected and will be disposed of from your lawn appropriately. Our job is to leave you with a great-looking lawn and that includes the removal of extra debris caused by stump grinding.

Recycle Your Tree Stumps

As mentioned previously, stump grindings are usually sanded down into a woody dust and mulch substance that can often be reused for gardening purposes. If clients have gardens that they would like mulched or would like to add some texture and color to their lawn, the residue from stump grindings is a perfectly sustainable way to do so. The stump grindings are decomposable and work brilliantly in garden beds to prevent erosion and flooding, while maintaining moisture in the soil beneath them. If you do not have an interest in keeping or reusing your stump grindings, we will take them for reuse within our warehouse, so you can rest easy knowing that our practices are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Stump Grinding

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