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Thornton's Tree Care Professionals

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Our passion for tree care comes at the desire to create welcoming, comforting, and natural spaces between you and the outdoors. We’ve been able to achieve this through our care for trees and the beauty that caring for a tree can possess. At Thornton’s Tree Care Professionals, we’re driven by ethics and quality, making it easier for you to connect with the outdoors, on your own terms. We want trees to become a part of your space and enhance your outdoor arena like none other. Through adequate maintenance and health routines, we’ve been able to bring nature one step closer to your doorstep.

Tree Planting

Thinking of planting some new trees to add color and variety to your yard? We can easily advise on the best trees that would fulfill your wishes. We recommend trees based on their size, maintenance level, growth ability, and seasonal upkeep. This means, that if you’re looking for a small tree that doesn’t grow flowers, we can easily recommend some from our database that will prosper in the Colorado weather. Tree planting must also be achieved with planning, land assessment, and property approval.


As our company is constantly working to make the community eco-friendlier, we also incorporate this into our projects. Mulch is a fantastic way to add texture, color, and practicality to your lawn. It’s often made from reused wood bits that can be layered onto your garden to prevent erosion and flooding of your plants, while also helping the soil below them maintain moisture. We recycle mulch from projects and can easily recycle mulch created from branches or stumps you’d like us to remove.

Tree Assessment

If you have a tree in your yard that you’re thinking of removing for various reasons, you can contact us for an assessment beforehand. We assess trees that grow at odd angles or protrude too much onto walkways, roofs, and sidewalks. We also look into trees that have been affected by bacteria, fungi, pests, and rotting. Our experts are familiar with identifying all of these effects on trees and may be able to diagnose the source of the problem as well, while also offering solutions or alternatives to removal. If the tree is salvageable, we’ll always recommend repairing it over removal, if possible.


Have a tree that you can’t bear to see cut down? Don’t worry – trees can be moved! The process is long and requires several tools and manpower, but can easily be achieved with patience and diligence. We’ve moved trees for a variety of reasons, depending on the tree’s use and location. We have found that the best time to move and transport trees is during brisk months when the tree is free from leaves and flowers, but has not yet succumbed to snow or icy weather. During this time, we have found that trees are less likely to encounter a form of transplant shock that would hinder them from adjusting to the new ground.

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