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Tree Consulting Services

This is a picture of a tree consultant.

As trained tree care professionals, our duty is not only to serve you with expert tree care services and advice, but to continually impact the community with similar services. We offer a range of our expertise in the consulting field, so you can always get a second opinion on the best approach for your trees. Whether you’re unsure about removing one or what to implant one for future growth, we’re here to help you along, each step of the way.


Our reputation amongst homeowners continues to grow with our satisfactory reviews from residents that appreciate our services in their neighborhoods. We’ve been working one-on-one with clients in the community to help them develop a beautiful yard that coincides with their neighborhood. In the past, many homeowners have expressed concerns about older trees tampering with their roof or regular pruning services to avoid excess buildup in their gutters. We believe that the best way to consult with our clients is to meet with them to address the problem in person and see the issue firsthand. One of our expert tree professionals always arrives on site to take notes of the situation and report back with an adequate solution.


Our work with businesses in the Thornton area continues to prosper the more we showcase how our work can positively impact the community’s companies. Even if your business is in a corporate office space that lacks room for trees, we can still consult to see how trees can be built into the blueprints of the building’s exteriors. We always encourage our clients to add greenery to their office settings, as this provides for a welcoming space that invites more potential customers. As for businesses looking to remove a tree, we can also perform this task or suggest ideas to incorporate it into the company’s exterior.

Public Spaces

Our services are not only good for private use, but also for public. We’ve worked in the installation of trees in public spaces such as gardens and parks. We consult with public officials over which trees would serve the best purpose in these public spaces and recommend those that will be safe, long-lasting, and overall beautiful. Once installed, we’re able to continue assisting in the upkeep of these trees through the seasons and the trees’ maturity.

Risk Assessments

If you’re interested in planting trees or removing them but are unsure about the potential risks involved, we’re also here to consult with such issues. We’ve worked on a number of cases where clients had trees removed before assessments and their lawns were never the same. To avoid this, we always consult with clients first and manage the risks associated with big projects like tree and stump removal. We remain transparent and open with our clients about what we believe is the best avenue to take in every case. While all of our cases are different, we ensure that each one is dealt with consistency, attention to detail, and overall professionalism.

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