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Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

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Tree Pruning

Pruning is a common upkeep practice needed to maintain the beauty and health of your trees. Pruning is done by trimming and removing dead, dying, or rotting branches, leaves, and debris that cause the tree to look unsightly or unkept. With regular pruning sessions, your trees are bound to grow consistently, healthily, and continue to look fresh. We use pruning techniques that are designed to give your trees a natural grooming session that they can also benefit from. We keep them tidy and fresh, without causing damage to or over-pruning them.

Assess Your Tree prior to Pruning

Before we begin the pruning process, it is important for us to assess your trees thoroughly to ensure that they are eligible for pruning. If a tree is pruned when it is not needed, improperly, or too frequently, it can lead to your trees not growing maturely or at all. We encourage our clients to schedule consultations so that we can determine your trees’ pruning needs before we begin the grooming process. In doing so, we can guarantee fresher looking trees that are more sustainable.

Pros of Tree Pruning

The pros of pruning your trees are to maintain their appearance and health. Regular pruning helps to remove excess or dead debris from the trees that may otherwise hinder its growth. Broken branches, dried leaves or flowers, and dead plants can clear your trees’ exteriors and allow for more plants to grow. It can also help maintain the abundance of pests that may congregate towards dead or dying flowers attached to the trees. Trees can also sometimes be prone to certain bacteria or pests, making pruning beneficial to help keep these at bay. Pruning trees can also help re-shape them, making them fit your outdoor aesthetic or to correct their structure. This is especially helpful for trees that grow at an angle.

Removal Pruning Debris

Once we’ve successfully pruned your trees, we will adequately remove the debris from your lawn. We do so in an organized fashion so your trees and lawn remain clean and clear of external buildup. This helps to move potential pests from gathering near piles of debris at the base of your tree and ensures that you do not have a mess to clean up afterwards. We take care of the whole project, from start to finish, leaving your trees and lawn looking flawless afterwards.

Appearance Of Pruned Trees

The appearance of your trees is important to completing the look of your lawn. With unkept trees that appear to protrude, overgrow, or have excess debris buildup on their branches, it can lead to a undesirable and disheveled appearance. We’re here to help keep your trees clean and trimmed, so they make your lawn and home look stunning. If trees have branches that get in the way of walkways, buildings, or important areas, we can also assist in removing them appropriately so that they do not cause disturbance or a hazard. This pruning technique helps to make your trees not only look great, but function great as well.

Tree Pruning

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