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Tree Health and Maintenance Services

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Tree Health Care

The health of your trees is not only important to their appearance, but also their functionality. Unhealthy trees will often attract pests, unwanted bacteria, and harbor excessive rotting. To avoid this, your trees should be kept up regularly with tree professionals. Thornton’s Tree Care Professionals have built a client list of customers that continually entrust us with the health of their trees and overall outdoor space. As nature works together, keeping a tree healthy is the key to keeping the yard healthy as well. We’re here to help achieve that.

Maintenance of Your Trees To Ensure they remain healthy

Regular tree maintenance should always be on tree owners’ to-do list. Tree maintenance includes regular assessments to ensure that certain parts of the tree are not hazardous, along with pruning, trimming, watering. Trees prosper in fruitful soil, so it is also vital to keep the ground they grow on healthy, clean, and moist.

Tree Health Varies among Tree Types

There are multiple types of trees and each one may require different maintenance and health care needs. We’re trained in taking on the different types of trees and their requirements for adequate health. We’ve specialized in trees that are common in the Thornton area, along with how to maintain them during colder and drier months. In doing so, we’re able to keep their wood filled with the appropriate minerals that prevent rotting, along with ensuring that the leaves or flowers regrow in full during warmer months.

Tree Health Care Ensures Longevity

If your trees are maintained with integrity and proper techniques, they’re guaranteed to have a long life. By keeping the soil moist and supplied with nutrients, along with pruning and professional services to help upkeep your trees, they’re sure to continue to grow healthily and tall. Healthy trees do not often require too much upkeep, but it is important to regularly check them to ensure that they do not interfere with your outdoor space in a way you don’t want them to. Our tree services are catered to give your trees a long-lasting life, so you can enjoy them again and again over the years.

Tree Health and Insects and Pests

Insects and pests can be pesky and annoying, yet entirely avoidable with the right techniques and maintenance. Our experts have made use of the market’s best and safest pesticides that are targeted to redirect insects and pests from your yard, rather than than spray toxins or poisons onto your plants. Trimming your trees of dead or dying debris can also help to rid the trees of bugs and pests that may gravitate towards them for that very reason. While some animals may also like to take up residence in your trees, this can be overcome by making your trees unattractive to such pests. This includes taking precautions if your trees are hollowed, along with keeping them at a distance from your home to avoid confrontation with pests close to your doorstep. If you have either and need our help ridding your trees and outdoor space of them, simply give us a call!

Tree Health Care

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